Swapping on line for in our local stores keeps the money local.

In an age where everything can be conveniently delivered to your door at a click of a button, why is important to get out from behind our computers and support our local businesses?

Just as importantly, as a community full of small business owners, how do we keep people coming back?

We’ve all heard it before, but do we really understand the impact is has on our community?

So let’s break it down. If we buy local, we’re buying from our friends, family or neighbours.

We’re ensuring they succeed. We’re also ensuring the growth of our community as the money is more likely to stay here and not end up in some big-wig’s back pocket with no connection to our town.

So how, as a small business owner do we ensure the support of the local community? It starts with great service.

As a small business you’re competing with the bigger businesses and not always able to price match. But what they don’t have is you. Your knowledge, your passion, your understanding of what people in our region actually want.

You can offer uniqueness and flexibility, adapting as needed. People don’t buy what you do, they buy why you do it. Your passion and service is infectious.

Having different, interesting small businesses is part of what makes our town unique. Large chains are everywhere, but small and local, there can only ever be that one of you.

By supporting these businesses instead of chains, we ensure that uniqueness in our town is preserved.

So where to start on supporting local. Cafes/restaurants – write on your menu where the produce comes from, showcasing our farmers. We have such a diverse range of locally grown produce, that makes our region unique, why not highlight it?

Shop in the independent grocery stores, local farmer’s markets, fish co-op or butcher. Shop in the smaller boutiques, you’ll be wearing clothes that you won’t find in every town. Get your furniture made by local craftsmen. Use the local tradesman.

And lastly, small business owners are more likely to support other small business owners. This makes us more resistant against things like the GFC. Local supporting locals, community supporting community. Together we stand strong.

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