Coffs Harbour Chamber of Commerce has been the leading voice in business on the North Coast of NSW since 1911, proudly representing local business and ensuring our region’s economic future. The Chamber is constantly working to improve the region’s economic development, member services, community and quality of life issues.

Coffs Harbour Chamber of Commerce builds opportunity through networking

Each year, the Coffs Harbour Chamber of Commerce delivers a series of events aimed at providing networking opportunities to the business community. Business events that match learning and business growth with the opportunity to meet, talk and do business among peers provides ongoing strength for local business owners.

Breakfast and lunch events that provide incredible talking points are well attended. The Coffs Harbour business community has enjoyed the likes of Lisa Messenger, CEO and Editor-in-Chief of Collective Hub and young serial entrepreneur Jack Bloomfield in recent years.

The Chamber has also presented the business community with visionary opportunities as it grows toward becoming a regional city. In 2018 the Chamber led a series of ground breaking presentations led by Dr Leonie Pearson, Leader of the Great Small Cities programme at Regional Australia Institute.

Coffs Harbour Business Expo

Chamber Board Member Christopher Winn says

“The Chamber focusses on delivering events that resonate with the business of today. Speakers who deliver practical talking points deliver value for Chamber members and give everyone something to talk about. Chamber events are not only about listening, learning and thinking critically, they are as much about meeting someone new and finding new opportunities to grow your business.”

The Chamber of Commerce Golf Day attracts 140 odd players each year and remains an incredible opportunity for members to network in a relaxed and fun environment. Held each year at Bonville Golf Resort, the day is a highlight on the calendar for many.

The Culmination of a year in business is capped off with a celebration at the Coffs Coast Business Awards. The awards which have expanded to include categories including excellence in tourism as well as a focus on culture and the arts have grown to become Coffs Harbour’s business night of nights.

After more than 110 years, the Coffs Harbour Chamber of Commerce remains as relevant as ever 

.In 1911, The Coffs Harbour Chamber of Commerce first sewed its seeds in the local business community. These foundational roots grew strong through the decades building strength through collaboration and opportunity for local businesses. Though the modern business world has evolved remarkably through the decades, the original values the Chamber was built on ring true to this day. Servicing the local business community remains the focal point of the chamber’s vision. As the #1 place for business on The Coffs Coast, the Chamber offers a place for business owners to not only network, but a resource to draw support.

“For over 100 years, the Coffs Harbour Chamber of Commerce has supported the business community of Coffs Harbour” Says Chamber President Ray Smith.

“As an organisation, the Chamber has always had to pivot and turn with the peaks and troughs of the business and economic environment. Even though a lot has changed over the decades, the Chamber’s focus remains the same and that is to support the sustainable development of business and industry – all our efforts point to that” he states.

“We have seen a great deal of development and prosperity in the City of Coffs Harbour and the Chamber has a very bright outlook for the future of this wonderful place.” he adds.

So what are the objectives of the Coffs Harbour Chamber of Commerce? 

  • To establish genuine and meaningful connections with civic, business, ethnic and social sectors of the Coffs Harbour community.
  • To clearly and effectively represent the views of commerce to the general community on behalf of local business of the region.
  • To keep members informed on important matters affecting trade, commerce and industry, retail and tourism, as well as community matters which may impact on local business.
  • To continue to market and promote the image and perception of Coffs Harbour as a fantastic place to live, work and play.
  • Offering support and guidance to local business is a focal point for the Chamber. As Coffs Harbour grows into a regional city, the Chamber will continue to play an important role.

Coffs Habrour Chamber of Commerce works with Local and State Givernments to grow our region. Here’s what you might not know.

The Coffs Harbour Bypass 

Championed by the NSW State Government, the Coffs Harbour Bypass was decades in the making. Now heavily underway, the Coffs Chamber was a strong advocate for the construction of tunnels at the Southern and Northern ends of the bypass, instead of cuttings. In particular, the move to construct tunnels capable of passage with Dangerous Goods has led to even more large trucks that will be diverted from the City Centre. 

The State Government led Jetty Foreshore Revitalisation 

Coffs Harbour Chamber of Commerce has been actively engaged in major consultation processes regarding the NSW State Governments Jetty Foreshore master planning. As the voice of business, Coffs Harbour Chamber of Commerce supports the revitalisation of the area including mixed use parkland, residential and tourist accommodation, together with retail and active spaces. The Chamber firmly believes that the future vitality of Coffs Harbour rests on the sustainable and positive development of the Jetty Foreshore area. The chamber remains active in promoting the residents of Coffs Harbour and surrounds become educated and involved in this major advancement for the region.

Coffs Harbour Airport

The Coffs Harbour Chamber of Commerce was actively involved in advocating to go to tender for a long term lease of management at Coffs Harbour Airport. The lease brings with it the opportunity to open our region to not only a broader domestic market, but potentially International inbound. With direct flights from Canberra already taking off and Bonza Airlines set to deliver direct routes to Townsville and the Sunshine Coast soon, Coffs Harbour airport is cementing its position as the gateway to the NSW North Coast. 

Membership is on the rise – so what is driving businesses to join the Coffs Harbour Chamber of Commerce?

Coffs Harbour’s thriving business community continues to grow and prosper and the evidence is in the numbers. With a strong membership base of large business, the Coffs Harbour Chamber of Commerce continues to work with its major sponsors to strengthen local industry. In 2022, an uptick in the number of small businesses and start-ups joining the Chamber has driven the membership base well over 300. 

With over 100 years of history supporting local business, the Coffs Harbour Chamber of Commerce is a central point for business owners to attach themselves. Membership brings about not only the opportunity to connect with and do business with other local businesses, but the significant support they require to grow and thrive.

Coffs Harbour Chamber of Commerce membership offers benefits to small business including access to legal support, access to business building initiatives around planning, growth and cessation, human resources and recruitment.

The Chamber’s business directory is a platform for businesses to list and promote their products and services and the Chamber’s Go Local campaign actively encourages the local community to support and buy local, where they can each year. 

These proactive initiatives are leading to a resurgence in Membership.


  • Networking opportunities
  • Support, guidance and advice from fellow members
  • Alliances and discounts
  • Access to business building events
  • Committee nomination and/or voting rights.
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