The Coffs Harbour Chamber of Commerce recently weighed in on an extremist advertising campaign against a much loved local business, Dolphin Marine Magic.

When that business approached the chamber, the Chamber’s response was to consider the matter without delay, swiftly followed by forceful and effective action to bring the campaign to an early end. That action was timely and successful, in keeping with the Chamber’s motto, We Listen, We Act.

Instead of pandering to the extremist call to boycott Dolphin Marine Magic, the local community has rallied to DMM’s support.

That includes our State MP Andrew Fraser, this paper and many local influential individuals and businesses such as the Big Banana and C.ex.

To boot, by special invitation Dolphin Marine Magic presented to members of the Chamber at a following breakfast meeting to inform local business of its contributions to the local economy, the tourism industry, our local environment, education and conservation in Australia and importantly the continued role that it hopes to play in those fields.

Chief executive officer Paige Sinclair spoke of research by Chamber member Jetty Research that shows overwhelming support in the local community for Dolphin Marine Magic, of the high regulatory standards that Dolphin Marine Magic meets and exceeds, of the excellent team, including Aaron Tolley who joined the business as a youngster and has worked his way to Life Sciences Manager, of the wonderful work by Duan March, the resident veterinarian, and of the ongoing success of the business and that of its major competitors, such as The Big Banana and Coffs Harbour Butterfly House.

Yes, Paige referred to DMM’s competitors for what they are; other local Coffs Harbour business making a go, and doing good, at it.

In fact, what marked the event was a palpable sense of unity amongst members of the audience, mostly business people and Chamber members, but also other notables, such as Hec Goddall, who founded the Pet Porpoise Pool in 1968.

Yet again George Cecato’s vision of local unity seemed far more than just a dream.