While most Australians who are eligible to vote are enrolled to do so, there will be over half a million Australian’s who won’t be enrolled to vote during this Federal election.

It’s easy to get caught up in the hype in the lead up to an election. The pressing issues to one person may differ greatly from the issues affecting another and while sometimes it seems like your vote is but a drop in the ocean, your right to vote is both a responsibility and a privilege, and perhaps the hallmark of our democratic society.

Without free and fair elections, there could be no Australia as we know it.

So, what makes your vote count? Voting in any type of election is an important way to voice your opinion regarding policy.

Even if your preferred leader doesn’t get elected, swings in voting patterns tend to steer changes to major party policy. So, whether your vote reflects your view on economic, climate change or health policy, your vote goes a long way toward policy reform.

Policy reform ensures funding is allocated in areas most important and essentially supports a better standard of living for our entire community – that includes you.

Even if you’re politically ignorant, there’s still time to empower yourself with the information you need to decide the future of this great country.

To find out how your views compare to Australian political parties’ policies, the ABC and University of Melbourne have come up with a snappy little comparison tool called Vote Compass. Find your true north at votecompass.abc.net.au

When you go to the Poll this weekend, know that you will be preserving our democratic system. Consider what matters to you, your children and the legacy you wish to leave, then let your voice be heard!

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