Finals day action at the 2018 Tag World Cup at C.ex Coffs International Stadium. Matt Deans

How fantastic to see so many smiling visitors in and around Coffs Harbour for the Tag World Cup last week.

These type of sporting events make a significant contribution to our visitor economy each year and the flow on effect is enormous.

The Great Britain teams gave running updates across social media on their Tag World Cup campaigns in Coffs Harbour over the three days. Matt Deans

Thousands of players from across the world were posting, snapping and tweeting their images of our beautiful region across the globe last week and the value of that is priceless.

As a region it’s up to all of us to ensure visitors are given a fantastic experience.

We have incredible opportunities each and every time to turn these, our customers into advocates.

As a business, perhaps the most important thing we can do is champion the advocacy of our product, brand or service.

There are millions of brands and products in the marketplace. Some make our lives more productive or enjoyable and because so many brands impact our lives in all sorts of conceivable ways, consumers will develop a special bond that links them to a product or service they love. The benefits from that product or service prompt consumers to enthusiastically tell friends, peers, colleagues, and neighbours about how great that experience is. It’s also fondly referred to as ‘word of mouth’


People trust people

A strategy of advocacy is better than any video you could create or advert you could put in a magazine. Why? Because people trust people. They listen, connect intimately with, and are significantly influenced by, people close to

them. Put simply, if we create a great guest experience our customers will drive our product or service for us.

Thought leaders suggest 92 percent of customers trust recommendations from people they know. They also tell twice as many people about their purchases. Advocates are five times more valuable than average customers because they

spend more and have a higher purchase rate, and customers referred by other customers have a 37 percent higher retention rate.

People attract people

So begins the opportunity for us to grow a ‘like’ audience or 10 like audiences, or 100 like audiences because people who like nature hang out with people who like nature, 4WD enthusiasts hang out with other 4WD lovers, artists

talk art with you guessed it, other artists. Hipsters hang out and drink craft beer with other hipsters, and foodies love to take recommendations from other foodies. The opportunity to grow your business often begins with the most

simple of things. Customer service, a friendly smile and an experience that won’t be forgotten any time soon.

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