This week’s Chamber breakfast was a very interesting one – those who attended were fortunate to hear from Steven Burgess, one of Australia’s leading contributors to the planning, design and development of liveable cities. Steven talked to the future trends and how cities will be designed in the future.

Steven stressed how important it is for the Coffs Harbour community to be forward thinking in how the city needs to evolve and what they feel would make the city more attractive and enjoyable. Not to be thinking for ourselves now, but for the future growth of the city and our children and their children’s generation. You can view Steven’s slide deck from his presentation here.


Coffs Harbour City Council is seeking community opinion about what makes our places and precincts unique by having residents, workers and visitors complete a survey.

Council have engaged a consultancy form Place Score to establish a benchmark for what our community cares about in their locality.

From 2 Nov – 2 Dec 2018 Coffs Harbour City Council will be conducting an online Care Factor survey to gather information about what the community cares about most in their neighbourhoods. This survey applies to all places within the Coffs Harbour Local Government Area.

The initial steps which have commenced will be to undertake online and face-to-face surveys across the entire Local Government Area (LGA). The process will both capture what place attributes the community values as well as how the community rates these attributes for their neighbourhoods to help define local priorities. A total of 33 precincts and places will be measured and the data collected will help Council diagnose ‘place’ problems and measure change to understand where it is doing well and where there is room for improvement.

Each survey takes around ten (10) minutes to complete and gives you the chance to win one of ten $100 vouchers!

Click here to complete the Survey

Why is Council engaging with Place Score?

What are the main benefits of having Place Scores for Coffs?