ALL INCLUSIVE: The Sunnys Business Awards are as much about the excellence of the work team as about the CEO’s.

by Greg White

Sunnys Business Awards coordinator, Leonie Kennedy, said putting together a good application can produce a great outcome without spending huge amounts on publicity.

“To win a Sunnys category isn’t just fantastic for a business enterprise but also opens the door to more market share and exposure,” she said.

“Awards may be used to examine your processes, look at what you have achieved, consider your future plans, have external examination of your performance or to be recognised for what you do and how you do it.”

Leonie said it all starts with downloading that important entry form to start the nomination process.

“We encourage applicants to deliver the wow factor by selling themselves and the passion they have for their business.

“Think of your submission as like reading a good book you can’t put down and really sell what you have to offer.

“We will give them guidance on how to download and upload their application at the upcoming workshops.

“But at the same time we see the nominees using their business plans and feedback we have received has been a powerful message in that the awards process has given each of them an opportunity to reassess those plans and consider how things may have changed.

“It’s a time to work on the business…not in the business.

“The purpose of the Sunnys is to provide a platform for our businesses to be showcased and giving recognition to those businesses that strive for excellence and have achieved sustained growth.

“It’s an opportunity to showcase your business, your ideas, your abilities and your team, while seeing what your industry partners are showcasing about their businesses.

“Every business is unique with individual characteristics adding richness to our region.”

Past finalists and winners have benefited from the resulting publicity and exposure gained through the awards.

With numerous leveraging opportunities involved in such a credible awards program, why would you not want to be in it?

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