Business awards are the perfect vehicle to promote the great work you’re doing and to celebrate the success of your business. Winning or being named a finalist in an award can positively contribute to a business in many ways, far outweighing the time spent compiling an application.

Here are the top three ways business awards can advance your business.

Marketing and PR.
Being associated with business awards, both as a finalist or a sponsor can provide great marketing opportunities in the lead up to the big night.  It is a great opportunity to showcase your business by telling your story and sharing your achievements. An award is the optimal platform to create a media release, socil media post to add to your business newsletter.

A great way to expand your association with awards is to include the logo on your website and marketing material, promoting the credibility of your business.

Winnig an award is a great way to reiterate to your staff just how fantastic they are, and what they do each and every day is worthy of recognition.
The opportunity to have a night out, dress up and socialise as a team can boost morale and make employees feel proud of the business and the contribution they make to it.  An awards night also provides the opportunity for employees to network with other business leaders, customers and sponsors.

By highlighting the success of your business and being identified as an industry leader, you are building the integrity of your business. Being named a finalist or winner of an award is comparable to gaining a third – party endorsement for your business. It shows potential customers that you are trustworthy, that you excel in your field, giving your bsuiness a distinct advantage over your competitors.

The Sunnys Business Awards is the ideal means to recognise successful and inspiritional Coffs Coast businesses, and applications are now open. Featuring 18 categories, the awards offer a unique opportunity for local businesses to showcase their success and celebrate among colleagues.

Applications for the awards close June 14.

For more information, including past winners, application categories and workshops dates, visit