Fiona BardenHave you ever worked hard to achieve something that you set your mind to? Last week I said goodbye to my son as he headed off overseas for a 12 month working holiday to the UK. It is something he has being thinking about, saving for and planning out for the good part of 4 years.

Achieving goals in business often takes a similar degree of planning, optimism and success. Sometimes we need to jump in, sometimes we need to wait and take our time but always we need to understand what we are trying to achieve.

Beginning with the end in mind has for a long time, been the motto of people who achieve. Knowing where you are heading allows you to discover and act on the steps to get there and to measure how you are progressing. So do you do this in business? Are you working towards a goal for your business?

We are halfway through the 3rd month of the year and now might be a good time to think about what you have determined to achieve in your business or work life this year.

Did you set some goals for this year back in January and you have not been able to work on them, or were you too busy to set any goals? Maybe you are on track at the moment to achieve what you set out to. It is probably a really good time to decipher if the actions you are currently taking are helping you get to your end point.

Often I spend time writing down my actions in relation to my goal or what I want to achieve. Last week I found a list of things that I wrote just before I returned to work after the Christmas break.

I looked at the list and saw that I had started working towards a few of the goals but some of them I had completely forgotten about. It reminded me that written goals help keep us on track, help us to work towards what we consider important.

So where are you up to – have you moved in the right direction? Or do you need a little reminder to get back on track? Working with a mentor or an accountability partner is often a good way to keep you on track as you work towards your defined goals. You’ll be surprised at the value it brings to you and to your business.