COUNTDOWN BEGINS: Turtle nest Boambee beach inspected by National Parks officer Greg Wallace and Holly West. 22 March 2018.  Picture: Trevor Veale

by Matt Deans

Nature will take its course in coming weeks, with a little human intervention, and hopefully turtle hatchlings will break through the sand at three local nesting sites, avoid predators and reach the sea.

Since the rare discovery of green sea turtle nests on Boambee Beach, south of Bonville Creek, and another at Yuraygir, National Parks and Wildlife Service has been helped by volunteers from Jetty Dunecare, Bundagen and Minnie Water to fence off the nests to protect the vulnerable species.

Next Tuesday will mark 80 days since the green sea turtle nest on Boambee Beach was discovered, which means it is time to start monitoring the nests for the arrival of hatchlings.

Turtles emerge 85 to 100 days after eggs are laid.

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