News that the NSW economy is riding high backs up feedback from the Chamber’s members, with business confidence set to soar.

The release of NSW’s Total State Sector Accounts last week show that the NSW economy is debt-free and in a cash positive position.

The news is a win for the people of NSW, reflecting “five years of disciplined and responsible economic management under the O’Farrell and Baird Governments”, according to NSW Business Chamber CEO Stephen Cartwright.

“Solid economic management, and returning NSW to a debt free economy, means that the AAA credit rating is protected, making it easier to borrow money down the track,” he says. “It also restores our state’s reputation as a great place for international companies to invest and to do business.”

The results back up NSW Business Chamber’s Business Conditions Survey, released quarterly, which has previously shown that the NSW business community is quietly optimistic about the months ahead.

“There’s nothing that builds business confidence and optimism more than knowing that their Government is also upholding its end of the bargain,” Cartwright says.