Key Employment’s decision to turn the tennis courts at the back of the old Catholic Club site into a Youth Hub continues to pay dividends.

For the past six weeks on Thursday nights there’s been the sound of bouncing balls, cheering, laughing and friendly competition during the three-on-three basketball comp with up to 30 young people involved.

Youth Hub Manager, Allan McKibbin, is just happy to see the efforts from the Key Employment Youth Services team coming to fruition.

“When we saw the space here at the old Catholic Club site, there was no question what we wanted to do. To be able to create this space, and provide something for our local youth to do, goes to the heart of why we do this job,” McKibbin said.

The time spent painting the court is a distant memory and McKibbin said it’s all been worth it.

“Our local youth just need somewhere to play, somewhere to be comfortable and somewhere to be safe,” he said.

“If you want to come and shoot some hoops, you can. If you want to sit and relax with friends and listen to some music, you can.”

The three-on-three winter comp finished on Thursday but if you’re interested in submitting a team for the summer comp starting November 8, give McKibbin a call on 0424 871 778.