Mike Davey from Jetty Dive has proposed easy access stairs off the north wall for shore dives. Picture: Rachel Vercoe

by Rachel Vercoe

Limited by boat access, some divers, snorkellers and ocean lovers resort to shore dives as their way into the water, which can be challenging at most locations.

Mike Davey from Jetty Dive has proposed to build a pathway down the northern side of the wall opposite the steps at the marina building during the construction of the North Wall to make it easier for locals and tourists to shore dive.

“Coffs Harbour has been, for a long time, known for it’s great diving and snorkelling, but unfortunately it is also known for the lack of suitable shore based diving,” Mike said.

“The headlands along the coast including the Muttonbird Island region offer some diving sites but are usually ignored because of the lack of safe and easy access to the good areas.

As a way to develop an eco-tourism opportunity on the Coffs Coast for snorkelling and scuba diving, Mike proposed to the chief engineer in charge of the re-development of the north wall project Andy Hartley to include an easy access pathway to the water from the north wall near the steps at the galley and co-op carpark.

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