Why is it some cities seem more progressive than others, seem to receive higher levels of investment, seem to have flourishing business communities, and hence seem to be able to provide better opportunities for its citizens, businesses, and industry?

Put simply some of that comes down to the “squeaky wheel” phenomenon and the level of united community or business voices that rally behind needs and wants.

It is fair to say the whilst the Coffs Harbour Chamber of Commerce has achieved so many wonderful outcomes on behalf of the local businesses and community that there is always an opportunity to re-focus, re-invent, and ensure that we are meeting the needs of the businesses we represent.
Over the past couple of weeks our Board of Management has been “brain-storming” what it is we can do better, how do we welcome more businesses to the growing voice and success that the chamber represents.

In the coming weeks all members of the chamber will receive a survey document which will assist the management team greatly in understanding what it is that the chamber needs to do to keep existing, and encourage new businesses to join. If the message of our recent and historical successes as a pro-active, and influential lobby group for any and all business regardless of size, for the benefit of the community in totality can be effectively demonstrated the question isn’t “why should I join the chamber” but more “why wouldn’t I join the chamber”.

For the first time in recent memory the chamber has direct representation on behalf of Coffs Harbour at local council level, sits on numerous local event committees, is being sought out by State Government departments for feedback and input, and was pivotal in securing the pre-election promise for the Southern Cross University Allied Health building project. These are exciting times, however it isn’t possible without the backing and membership of a united, and supportive business community.

We would be delighted to welcome any businesses regardless of size to join the chamber.

The benefits include:
•Regular networking events to help members build their profile
•The chamber lobbies and advocates on issues affecting local businesses, both small and large
•Involvement in community projects
•New business opportunities in developing relationships and cross-business collaboration with other members of the business community
•Our Alliance with the NSW Business Chamber provides members with access to a wealth of services at no extra cost

For a tax-deductable investment of just $230 for a micro business (<5 employees) or $341 for larger businesses (6 or more employees) – the cost may seem negligible to some, larger to others however as a Chamber we can guarantee that we will never tire of representing the entire business community with a renewed vigour and passion.

We welcome you to have direct input into the future of Coffs Harbour.