With the looming State and Federal elections just around the corner, one thing is for sure, 2019 has the potential to be a game-changer for the Coffs Coast. We continue to give our members our 100% commitment that we will not rest whilst ever there is an opportunity to improve your business conditions and economic benefit.

To the candidates in the upcoming elections now is the time to reach out and commit in collaboration with the Chamber, as rest assured we will vocally and actively support the candidate that provides the most comprehensive and beneficial policies for our members, and the broader community.

In regards to the Coffs Harbour Bypass – as the President of the Coffs Harbour Chamber of Commerce it’s frustrating people, politicians and candidates are focused on the “concept” of tunnels vs cuttings and have lost sight of the primary “purpose” this city has fought so long and hard for, of the by-pass to remove ALL transiting heavy vehicles including Class 2 dangerous goods vehicles from the city in order to invigorate and activate the CBD, make living in this city safer & healthier, and to promote business and community opportunities. Sorry but anything less is smoke and mirrors lacking substance.

Let’s get serious about having a conversation about what’s best for the greater good of the city. If tunnels deliver the complete removal of transiting heavy vehicles that is fantastic (not one person has been able to guarantee that yet!!), otherwise alternative options must be considered. Anything less is not only a waste of over $1bn worth of taxpayers money but rest assured will then result in whining about the half-baked result we ended up with because a tunnel looked better and won more votes. The by-pass is just one topic and is deflecting attention from so many other important issues that directly impact the business conditions on the Coffs Coast and the opportunity for jobs growth that need to be addressed, such as Payroll Tax, Jetty Foreshores Precinct, sports facilities, crime and safety.

Don’t get caught up in the hype candidates and lose sight of the bigger picture. Far too often when this city has an opportunity at it’s feet it ends up in non-productive irrelevant argument for the sake of arguing, and the bigger picture is overlooked. Time for our leaders to lead with bravery, sincerity and commitment. So a question to all candidates and encumbents in the upcoming elections:

Can you provide unequivocal assurances that the tunnels scenario will remove ALL transiting heavy vehicles from the CBD INCLUDING dangerous goods vehicles. Five to seven trucks a day that aren’t delivering to town, is still five to seven (of the most dangerous trucks) per day too many, and not what this Chamber set out to achieve for our members, and the City of Coffs Harbour?

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Image: NSW Government.