Rallying of the troops

This article finds the universe finally in balance again with the State and Federal elections done and dusted and duly elected governments who just want to get on with the business at hand.

I would like to congratulate our newly elected representatives Gurmesh Singh, State Member for Coffs Harbour and Pat Conaghan, Federal Member for Cowper.

I would like to wish them well in what will be very busy and exciting times ahead, not only for them, but for all of us as well.

We have two very new and energetic representatives in the region to carry out the election promises committed to us all publicly at State and Federal level, and as one very attentive listener, I would love to call on all of you the community to concentrate on working together with one voice to make sure these commitments happen in a very concise and correct manner and timeline. I for one am looking forward to working together for the future good of our region.

Sure, this sounds like a “rallying of the troops” and it is. We all need and want to have opinions and a voice and that is still our democratic right in this country, so use it wisely and get to work on the positives rather than getting bogged down with those trying to disrupt and destroy good things that are going to happen for the good of our region and the people who are trying to actually have a go.

Now is the time to regain some positive outlook again and move on and help each other prosper. Support local businesses where you can and buy local. You might just help keep someone in a job. It might be you or someone you know?

It also helps to grow strong communities and the flow on effects go on from there and multiply.

Don’t knock successful people, most of them have worked long and hard for it and support the community in many ways including employment, spending locally and giving back, many times anonymously.

  • Join a community group and feel good helping others.
  • Join The Business chamber. Your one voice sometimes isn’t very loud…but many united ones can make change and be heard
  • The Coffs Harbour Chamber of Commerce is exactly that; we want what is good for the majority and the good of our region
  • We are non-political and can only work with information or knowledge or people that we have at that time
  • We are definitely not only for the “top end of town”
  • We represent business of any size
  • We celebrate excellence with the up-coming Sunnys Business Awards on Sat 22nd June
  • Our Business Expo  later in the year to showcase businesses to the community
  • We have highly successful breakfast and lunch meetings which are designed around networking and informative speakers to get the message out there that as a region we are open for business

I would like to leave you with this. Like attracts like…think about it!