Heavy holiday traffic in the Coffs Harbour city centre.  – Trevor Veale

Measuring by the number of cars and people in town over the holidays it has been a busy period for our businesses and staff working in hospitality and retail.

January is a funny time of the year. Some of you are finishing your holidays, others are back in full swing again after the Christmas-New Year break. Some businesses had a well-deserved break while others had their peak period.

Have you had time to reflect on the successes and challenges of last year?

Are you off to a flying start, or do you find it hard to get into gear again? Are you ready for 2018?

For those businesses in retail and hospitality with big sales over the past weeks it is important to keep the customer levels high: maintain the momentum. Momentum is an interesting phenomenon.

It is well researched. When a business has momentum, everything seems to move forward, things fall your way, employees are proactive, customers are happy and great financial results are achieved. Nothing seems to go wrong.

At the top level in many sports, psychologists are working trying to understand how to build and maintain momentum for individual athletes and teams. They try to find ‘triggers and motivators’ and eliminate ‘brakes’ to build or keep the momentum. This is what we like to see will happen for our Socceroos’ during the World Cup campaign in Russia mid 2018….

Intensity and passion are two of the important factors of maintaining momentum. If you pursue your goals with great intensity and passion you become unstoppable.

What can businesses owners and managers do, how to motivate employees to be dedicated and what to do to keep customers coming back, so that business results are going up faster.

Here are a few tips that may help building a momentum after the festive season:
• Follow-up with holiday shoppers and thank them for dealing with you
• Ask customers for feedback about their experience with you
• Start a social media/marketing campaign
• Review what has worked and what hasn’t, plan ahead
• Be positive, don’t let negativity come in the way; work with people who believe in your business idea
• Create the right mindset; your mind is the most powerful tool that you have
• Continue to learn new skills, read (e-)books, take new courses, hire right minded people
• Stay energetic and focused!

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