DO YOU still suffer from the Olympic hang-over?

More than 400 Australian athletes, aged between 16 and 61, competed in Rio in 26 different sports.
We are halfway there … the Paralympics start on September 7 with 169 athletes, competing in 15 sports for Team Australia.

Who hasn’t enjoyed all those different sports, we normally only see on TV at the Olympics.
My personal favourites have to be handball and synchronised swimming!

Regular spectators like you and me have no idea about tough training regimes and full dedication these elite athletes go through for many years.
We all enjoy the incredible performances, only a few of these with the ultimate result in sport: an Olympic medal. The Olympics are truly the biggest event on Earth. Lots of different studies have been conducted about environmental, socio- cultural and economic impacts of the Games.

With the Rio Olympics being in a different time zone lots of people in Europe and Asia would have experienced limited sleep.
Like other mega (sport) events, the Olympics may impact on workplace productivity: watching “live”, increase usage of social media, sickness absence.
On the other side major sporting events can increase employee’s engagement and motivation levels. Like with most things it is about finding the right balance.
As professionals and business owners/managers, we can learn a lot from the Olympian athletes and sport management.

Athletes and their coaches know the different levels, skills, strengths, etc., where sometimes in business the managers may leave things up in the air.
In the world of sports, it’s all about training/ competition and focus. Hard work is important but recovering is crucial as well to achieve the highest; switching off from work in “business land” is not always that common.

Athletes are focused on continuously improving, achieving PB’s (personal bests).
How goal focused are we in business, do we always measure our investments versus the achieved results?
Have you ever considered hiring an Olympian in your organisation or business? You never know… we have a golden lifestyle for everyone to offer on the active Coffs Coast!