The development of crown land on the Jetty Foreshores is a topical community issue leading into the State Election.

Dear candidates in the upcoming state election,

We are passionate about improving the business conditions, opportunities and economic benefit of our members (small, medium and large businesses), their staff and the broader community.

We are ready to be vocal and supportive of the candidate who can truly deliver for the Coffs Coast.

So, here is what our members and the Chamber have on our to-do list, which an effective state representative can deliver, and which in turn will deliver a thriving local economy and business environment.

When local businesses are doing well, local communities thrive and everyone benefits:

  • A bypass solution which accommodates tunnels and the removal of all transiting heavy vehicles from the CBD including all dangerous goods. Lobbying the dangerous goods regulation change in conjunction with the tunnels is the best result. What is preventing candidates from vocally taking up the tunnels + dangerous goods regulation change?

Surely you would agree this is the best result for the city, yet not once have we heard any candidate voice this publicly?

  • An effective highway signage solution north and south that promotes Coffs Harbour as a destination for tourists;
  • A commitment and completion of entire Jetty Precinct Project with a commitment to increased height limits at either the old Fishing Club site, or marina precinct to allow for high-rise 5-star hotel accommodation to assist with our critical accommodation shortage during events and peak periods (during National and World events participants are needing to stay a long way out of town which will eventually result in not being able to attract these events which deliver incredible value to the local economy and businesses);
  • Abolishment of Payroll Tax regionally to allow growing businesses to actively employ more locals and create job opportunities for our local youth addressing our chronic (and embarrassing) youth unemployment rate;
  • A commitment and funding for construction of a world-class boat launching precinct and associated facilities including slipway and boat-storage facilities;
  • A commitment and funding for construction of a large multi-purpose indoor sports and event facility;
  • Ongoing commitment and financial support for state, national and international events across the Coffs Coast;
  • A commitment and funding for world-class athletics centre, including all-weather synthetic surface and facilities;
  • Commitment and funding for construction/alteration of southern breakwall to permanently prevent the silting and surge impacting the harbour;
  • Commitment and funding to open up second Jetty access/egress via Howard St, facilitating vehicle movement directly to CBD and reducing congestion in Northern Jetty Precinct;
  • Extension of proposed fast-rail northern corridor to terminate at Coffs Harbour (not Port Macquarie);
  • Commitment and funding of cruise terminal/tender facilities.

We look forward to welcoming all candidates’ comments, and also discussing these, and finding out more about you, at our “Meet the Candidates” event on March 12.

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